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Blemish [ˈblemiSH] - That which spoils the appearance of something

Defect [ˈdēfekt] - A shortcoming, imperfection, or lack

Look back through your memory. Find that image of yourself that you absolutely love. It shouldn’t be too hard. We all have so few images we love of ourselves. Can you see it? Magical, isn’t it?

Well, yes, except for that giant mistake of a relationship that’s sitting right next to you in the photo, right? Or maybe you look fantastic but there’s an unwitting photo bomber behind you that takes away from the picture just a bit. Maybe you love the way you look but wish there weren’t an overflowing trash can on your left. Maybe the lamp over your head looks too much like it’s your hat.

Sometimes the blemishes and defects in a photo have nothing to do with scratches and dust.

What’s spoiling your favorite photo of yourself or your loved one? What element present in the picture somehow seems to leave it lacking?

Mollie Corbett Photography specializes in blemish and defect removal. Of all kinds. Message me today for a free quote on removing the imperfections in your favorite photos.



About Mollie

Mollie first held a camera when she was just 10 years old - her father’s 35mm Minolta, straight from an East Asian deployment with the US Navy. Himself a visual artist, Bob supplied Mollie with a roll of black and white film, and the rest is history...(read more)


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