Stories I Need to Share

I could describe it with words, but I’d rather transport you to a time and place so that you may experience it for yourself.

Sometimes - often - words simply aren’t enough.

I could tell you about LaTonia Barto, or I could show you her wedding day in 2015, just eight months before her death to her fourth round with cancer, the look on her face and Joey’s face as their son, Gabriel (only eleven years old at the time), pronounced them wife and husband in a humble chapel at Saint Terre in Benton, Louisiana, in the steaming month of August.  She made it to April of the following year and then passed peacefully surrounded by her Beloveds.

I love my job. Sometimes my job breaks my heart.

And some paychecks aren't printed on paper, but - indelibly - on your soul.

About Mollie

Mollie first held a camera when she was just 10 years old - her father’s 35mm Minolta, straight from an East Asian deployment with the US Navy. Himself a visual artist, Bob supplied Mollie with a roll of black and white film, and the rest is history...(read more)


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